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United Way of Greater Los Angeles has long been committed to ending and preventing poverty and homelessness, a crisis that existed well before COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, this further accelerated and disproportionately affected our communities of color, especially our Black neighbors and families.

While we shifted quickly toward aiding the immediate needs of our community through mini grants and supply donations, we know there is much more work ahead as we look at long-term recovery for our most vulnerable neighbors. We anticipate the aftermath of the pandemic will result in many more children and families at risk of homelessness.

We are committed to providing students and their families access to resources and technology during distance learning, as well as advocating for change for equitable learning in our public schools. We are committed to providing our low-income working families the support they need while facing layoffs and unemployment due to COVID, while still focusing to providing financial and economic support for long-term sustainability. We are committed to working across all sectors and building partnerships to dismantle structural racism, while centering racial justice and equity in our work.

Together, we can unite to unleash the power and potential of people in our community to create a stronger, better Los Angeles for tomorrow and the years to come.


The most recent homeless count showed more than 66,436 people in Los Angeles County experiencing homelessness, representing a 12.7% increase from last year. We also know that 50% of LA students remain unprepared for college or the workforce and 1.7 million Angelenos are living in poverty. The aftermath of COVID-19 has and is expected to increase these numbers.

Every dollar you donate to United Way of Greater Los Angeles stays right here in our community. For the cost of everyday items and activities, you can provide urgent and life-changing resources to house, educate and empower our Los Angeles neighbors.


We are only beginning to see the issues impacting families threatened by COVID-19. Ranging from unemployment and those ineligible for government support, to students lacking the resources they need to excel in their studies, and the even graver threat we are seeing to affordable housing. There is a lot more work ahead.

When you donate to United Way, you are contributing to solving challenging issues that need short-term solutions. You are also investing in long-term, sustainable changes that will help our most vulnerable Angelenos. Your dollars tackle the root causes of poverty, help in creating systems change through policy and advocacy work so everyone has equal access to affordable housing, high quality education, and good paying stable jobs and careers.

We bring people together to discover solutions and work on issues too big for any one organization or person to solve alone. We work to build committed partnerships, invest funds and resources, and advocate for policy changes that will equitably move individuals forward. United Way’s multi-faceted approach is transforming L.A. County, but we need your support now more than ever to help this continue.


  1. We build committed and diverse partnerships.
    No other organization unites as many people with as many resources for a stronger future in our community. Across L.A. County, United Way builds committed partnerships and coalitions to resolve the issues facing our most vulnerable neighbors. We invite nonprofits, philanthropic leaders, businesses, innovators, the media, volunteers, and government organizations to share resources and work together to transform our community.
  2. We effectively invest funds and resources where they are most needed.
    We know how difficult it is to decide where to invest your charitable contributions. United Way of Greater Los Angeles ensures your donation has the highest impact possible for the most urgent needs of our communities. We research the most effective use of your funds and make investments work together to power the most impactful initiatives creating long-term systemic change.
  3. We advocate for policy changes to build long-term solutions.
    Supporting United Way not only helps our neighbors on the ground level, but also helps us break the ongoing cycle of poverty through policy and systemic changes. The passionate leaders, advocates and game changers of United Way learn, empathize, and strategize together. We systematically align resources and leverage networks to build long-term systemic change.


Demonstrate your support of United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the local community through corporate and personal social media accounts. You and your coworkers can share photos of your activities and talk about your campaign. Your clients and customers will appreciate seeing what you’re doing to support L.A. County. Follow United Way of Greater Los Angeles at @launitedway and tag in your social posts.

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