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About US

Since 1992, LAUSD has invited 10 of Los Angeles' most diverse and respected charitable agencies to participate in its consolidated charitable employee-giving campaign, Sharing Brings Hope. AII 10 agencies are licensed, fiscally responsible organizations who, together, raise funds for over 400 individual charities. The Sharing Brings Hope Campaign consolidates all of the District's Fundraising efforts to a single annual occurrence. lts mission is to provide funding for programs that assist in meeting the health, social, environmental, and educational needs of the communities that LAUSD serves.

2023 Goals

Last year, the campaign set a goal of raising $300,000. Thanks to the support we received thoroughout our LAUSD communties, in 2022 we raised $347,425 in total donations! The 2023 Sharing Brings Hope Campaign is looking to exceed last year's goal of $300,000 and raise $400,000 overall.  How can you, as a Campaign Coordinator, help accomplish this year's goal?

School Participation - One Time Donations 
20% School Participation = 285 Schools District Wide (Total LAUSD Schools = 1,438 Schools)

Employee Participation - Payroll Deductions
30 New Sign-Ups per Local District & Beaudry Central Office 

Suggested Employee Gifts 
$5.00 per Pay Period

2023 Communal Goals

  • Ensure wholistic safety and wellbeing of LAUSD students, families, and residents
  • Provide resources that diminish inequities and facilitate environments conducive to flourishing
  • Close the educational and technological gap
  • Secure Housing, Living Wage Employment, Nourished Living and Natural Environments, Education Access, Culturally Relevant Programming, Access to Healthcare