Sharing Brings Hope - HOTLINE:  (888) 492-4738
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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that have been received at the campaign hotline. If you do not find the answers here please call the hotline at 888-492-4738 or you can email the lead charity HERE.
Q: What is a Charitable Agency/Fund Distribution Agency (FDA)?

A: A Charitable Agency or Fund Distribution Agency (FDA) is a nonprofit organization, which collects and distributes funds to a number of individual charities, usually with a common theme.

Q: My favorite charity is not listed in the brochure. How can I give to them?

A: You can designate your gift to any nonprofit 501(c) 3 of your choice. Just fill out the Designation Section of the Payroll Giving Card.

Q: I don't remember how much and to whom I am giving through payroll deduction. How can I find out this information?

A: This information is printed on your paycheck stub and may be obtained from the LAUSD payroll department.

Q: Is my contribution tax deductible?

A: Contributions to nonprofit agencies are tax deductible by individuals who itemize. Payroll deductions are with after-tax dollars so employees should claim their payroll deduction on their tax returns. You might want to consider requesting an acknowledgement of your gift. Please consult your tax accountant for further advice.

Q: I signed up for payroll deduction last year. Do I need to do anything?

A: Your payroll deduction will remain unchanged unless you fill out another Payroll Giving Card or contact the payroll department.

Q: To whom do I make the check payable?

A: All checks should be made payable to LAUSD-CCC. If a coordinator receives a check made out to the school, the check should be deposited in the school's account, and the amount included in the student body check (payable to LAUSDCCC) that will be included in the Coordinator's Report Envelope. If a check is made out to a specific charity and cannot be replaced, turn the check in with all the others.